Our products

VZAT applies a multi-disciplined and cross-cutting analysis of quantitative and qualitative data to provide granular holistic assessments and broader strategic analysis, scenario planning, and forecasting.

This comprehensive approach focuses on themes such as governance and service provision, economic and social sectoral assessments, inter-communal relationships, context assessments, Venezuelan modern history, key stakeholders, and an understanding of the national and international political context that shapes the environment. VZAT provides a data-driven, up-to-date, conceptual framework across the entire Venezuela crisis responsive to the needs of decision-makers.


  • Periodic reporting of crisis trends
  • Specific alerts and flash reports
  • Thematic deep-dive reports
  • Scenario and contingency plans
  • Risk analysis

Advisory Services

  • Country and regional strategies
  • Adaptive management decisions
  • Emergency preparedness planning
  • Early warning indicators monitoring

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